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With four years' experience as an Advanced Educator for the leading brow brand in the UK, Claire Nunn is proud to have trained thousands of brow stylists. Taught and mentored by HD Brows founder and internationally renowned beauty expert, Nilam Holmes-Patel, Claire has mastered and honed her brow design, shaping and tailoring skills over the past nine years, which are highly sought after by industry professionals and clients alike.  By popular request, she has now established her own, one to one brow workshops, to empower others in the brow business to build their own success.


These one day workshops are designed for qualified beauty therapists and brow stylists seeking to perfect their brow treatments. When you book a Brow Workshop with Claire, you can expect to receive a one to one coaching session tailored bespoke to your requirements. Whether you are looking for ​step by step coaching through Claire's brow shaping process, help with brow mapping and brow design, perfecting your waxing or  threading techniques, advice on tools and supplies, customised brow tinting, business tips, learning new tailoring and finishing skills or how to take the best photographs to showcaseyo



t's no secret that the very best brow stylists are those who commit to never stop learnng and those who invest in their continuous improvement.

During these one day workshops, Claire will share with you all aspects of her brow

Claire's brow workshops aren't affiliated to any brand, so there are no on-going commitments and you are free to use products you 

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